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The Deceived

Book 2

As a professional “cleaner,” Jonathan Quinn disposes of bodies and ties up loose ends. Doesn’t get his hands dirty, no wet work. But when he discovers he’s been hired to vanish all traces of Steven Markoff, one of his best friends and a former agent with the CIA, his job suddenly hits too close to home. This time, it’s personal. Quinn is determined to get justice for Markoff. Plus, now, Markoff’s girlfriend Jenny, who had been an assistant to an ambitious Congressman, has also disappeared. Racing from the corridors of power in Washington to the bustling streets of Singapore—along with his eager, smart apprentice, Nate, and brilliant, beautiful Orlando, his closest friend who’s saved his life more than once—events quickly spiral dangerously out of control. With an addicting momentum and fascinating characters, The Deceived takes us on a thrilling, pulse-pounding journey.

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